HEUFT X-ray technology – part 7: Secure validation

HEUFT supports users to prove the required detection and rejection reliability of their X-ray inspectors at any time by means of innovative IT technologies.

The last article in our X-ray series took a closer look at how fundamentally important a serious qualification of the detection and rejection reliability is for selecting the right inspection system and how effectively HEUFT supports all interested parties in this respect from realistic, fully documented practical tests up to comprehensive factory acceptance tests. Part 7 now elucidates how current online technologies can be used to provide documented proof directly after installation and commissioning as well as during everyday production and that a network-compatible HEUFT system with pulsed X-ray technology always achieves and finds exactly what it is supposed to achieve and find.

Therefore it is about ensuring that the specifications defined in advance and checked during the device qualification are also continuously met on the customer's premises – in other words validation of the required detection performance for the technical acceptance as well as during operation. The employees responsible for quality assurance at filling and packaging plants know exactly what has to be observed and carefully tested. HEUFT supports them in the course of this with the digital "Systemtechnik 4.0" comprising networked inspection systems and modern IT technologies which saves them a great deal of work.


Everything recorded and documented!

What is particularly important: integrated self-test programs which not only check the functionality, detection accuracy and rejection reliability of modern HEUFT inspection systems at regular, freely configurable intervals but also during everyday production. Test containers or products prepared with typical contaminants and defects are fed directly into the line in order to ensure that everything runs as it should, from fault detection and the rejection of unsafe products to reject verification, so that only perfectly packaged end products reach the consumer.

All the validated test logs as well as operating, quality and performance data are recorded and evaluated by the HEUFT PROFILER, transferred via the protected network connection of modern HEUFT SPECTRUM II systems and centrally archived for long-term documentation. In this way it is always possible to keep track of why and when, for example, false rejections or serial errors have occurred – and vice versa the full operating, detection and rejection reliability of the respective device at a certain point in time can always be proved afterwards.


Detection images archived

Even more will soon be possible with the optionally available HEUFT picCollect: each individual detection image of a container identified as faulty is stored on the customer's server as long as required regardless of whether it was generated by means of one or more of the X-ray strobes available exclusively from the technology leader or powerful optics. In this way the respective detection performance at any given time of filling can be documented precisely even years later. The HEUFT picCollect, in combination with the HEUFT PROFILER for production data acquisition and line analysis, ensures a sustainable overview for the reliable validation of the device performance of the HEUFT X-ray inspectors.