drinktec: New X-ray ASEBI

The latest X-ray flash technology, intelligent HEUFT reflexx A.I. cameras and innovative detection methods in a new design: the HEUFT InLine II IX raises the all-surface empty bottle inspection to the next level not only in terms of glass-in-glass detection. It is now celebrating its trade fair premiere at drinktec 2022 in Munich!

During its trade show premiere eleven years ago, the world innovation initially caused some frowning in the industry: An all-surface empty bottle inspector (ASEBI) that combines conventional detection technologies with pulsed X-ray – is that really necessary? And why should you X-ray empty bottles?

But we persisted with this concept – and only two years after the HEUFT InLine IX we presented its first successor, the HEUFT InLine II IXS, at drinktec 2013. Less than three years later it officially proved that the X-ray flash technology which is exclusively available from us increases the detection performance during the identification of the smallest glass splinters in residual liquid at the bottom of the bottle by up to 29 percent compared with a purely optical inspection. Because this also makes it simply easier to detect inclusions, shell-shaped fractures, and chipped bottoms, among other things, the X-ray-assisted empty bottle inspector has long since established itself as the state of the art in glass bottle filling, especially in the refillable and premium segments.

Further developed X-ray flashers, smart new high-performance optics

However we at HEUFT have not rested on these successes but have continuously developed both our gentle and precise pulsed X-ray technology and the smart optics with AI-supported real-time image processing and have also invented completely new detection technologies. High time therefore for an update of the X-ray ASEBI - the new HEUFT InLine II IX! It can be experienced live in operation as a top novelty at the drinktec stand B4.319/513.

Thanks to lifetime-optimized new X-ray tubes and generators with type approval from the company's own development and production it increases the performance, sensitivity and reliability of the radiometric base inspection even more. Smart new HEUFT reflexx A.I. cameras with integrated adaptive LED illumination and real-time image evaluation increase the precision of the optical empty bottle inspection from the base to the finish at the same time. Transparent film as well as other foreign bodies and low-density contaminants are detected just as reliably as inclusions, scratches, cracks, chips, and scuffing, among others. Thanks to doubled resolution and distortion-free detection images, this applies in particular to quadruple sidewall inspection, which covers well over 360° of the container volume.

Optical all-surface empty bottle inspection at the latest HEUFT level

Just as with the HEUFTInLine II IS which sets the standard in terms of empty bottle inspection without X-ray support, further newly developed camera technologies which correspond with each other can be integrated into the modular system: during the inspection of ACL bottles not only the presence of Applied Color or Applied Ceramic labels is now verified. They can even be faded out for a really complete inspection using the AI based filters of the HEUFT reflexx A.I. image processing system - and they can now also be inspected in detail themselves using brand new special optics so that defects, soiling, misprints or labels, logos and coloration which do not match the type of bottle being handled can finally be identified in this area as well.

The accuracy and coverage of underchip, thread, finish and sealing surface inspection has also increased: even the inner area of the finish can now be completely inspected. And chipping as well as shell-shaped fractures at their outer edge are now much better visible with our newly integrable rainbow illumination.

Open design on a highly automated platform

The complete construction of the HEUFTInLine II IX is also new: open, easily accessible and tableless the HEUFT CleanDesign minimizes the amount of cleaning and maintenance work required. From the X-ray flashers to the HEUFT fluid residual liquor detection all the detection modules are now fully integrated, safely enclosed and - among other things for fully automatic grade changes – adjustable by motor.

Based on the latest release of the network-capable HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform the new ASEBI achieves a striking plus in automation, computing power and precision during product tracking – and thanks to the consistently further developed pulsed X-ray and the HEUFT reflexx A.I. a completely new level of operating and detection reliability with a sustainably reduced false rejection rate! The AI will even filter out water drops on the empty bottle in the future and even reconstruct what is behind them! See for yourself: drinktec 2022, Booth B4.319/513.